Magnolia Fragrance & Perfume

1 dram

 Magnolia Natural Fragrance enhances self-confidence and charm. The aroma is sweet and lingering. It is a great aroma for staying calm and centered. Nervous tension and looking down on others or perceiving them as unusual can be lifted with the fragrance of Magnolia.

The great Southern Magnolia is one of the oldest flowering, aromatic plants for millions of years. The white, lightly citrus aromatic flowers represent purity and perseverance.

Magnolias may have originated before bees, using beetles as pollinators. The petal and sepals are unique and different than many pollinating plants. Botanists named the white flowering parts we call flowers, tepals, instead of sepals.

Historically, it has been applied to dark spots, stretch marks, small scars and dry, sensitive skin. The majestic tree and flower enhance the crown chakra, representing the creative centers of the brain and nervous system support.

Apply like a perfume. Heat from the body releases the subtle fragrance and opens the highest creative centers to experience the possibilities of your personality.

Now available in THE YOGA of AROMA natural perfume collection, with daily practices and meditations.

Good Manufacturing Practices

 Testimonial: I feel so good about myself when I wear Magnolia, Jean.

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