No More Pain Lotion

No more Pain lotion relieves joint and muscular pain. Clinically used for arthritis, injuries, leg cramps, pins and needle pain, knee and back pain and rehabilitation. Our most popular pain lotion and most therapeutic blend.
 All Organically grown flower essences and essential oils will also cleanse, protect, nourish, and rejuvenate beautiful skin, muscle and tissue..
All-Organic, No Parabens Good Manufacturing practices
Testimonial: I put the No More Pain on my shoulder the past few days. It lived up to its name, Howard.
"I would like to jump in the bottle!, Laura F."
Michael: I use No More Pain on my back and other aches and pains.
I use No More Pain to offset neuropathy pain for symptoms of Gillian Barr's disease, even between my toes.
I am 88 years old and use No More Pain on my knees to avoid surgery and keep moving, Don.
Used this product 19 years ago on my grandson. He's now 20 and the little that was left in the bottle still worked on my aging feet. The new lotion is much more effective, Janine D.