Queen, (Danaus gillippus)

1 dram or 3.7ml
1/2oz or 15ml
2oz Spray

The essence helps the personality learn and use creativity to "think outside the box" for improvement challenges and solutions. Optimism guides self confidence, patience  enhances focus and discipline completes the task. Creativity is proven to enhance short and long term memory and keeps the brain focused and sharp. Finding solutions increases learning skills that can be applied to other tasks.

                              " Create more space  for your desires."

In ancient Greece, skin ulcerations and collagen problems were described by Hippocrates, father of modern medicine. By the Middle Ages, the term lupus was used to describe a wide range of illnesses affecting the skin.

Indigenous cultures understood the skin to be an organ and used topical washes, salves and compresses, including the flowers in this blend for relief. Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis, connective tissue disease has been prevalent in Native North Americans, while Eskimos and Na-Dene Natives have spondyloarthropathies, affecting the spine. Migration patterns and genetics seem to create differences in Native American conditions. Diet was very different and must be considered. A variety of tribal remedies were used.

Massage 2 drops 3 x daily on clean, unbroken skin.


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