Pipevine Swallowtail ( Battus philenor)

1 dram or 3.7ml
1/2oz or 15ml
2oz Spray

This essence  enhances compatibility in various types of relationships, promoting agreement and perseverance in difficult times. The individual learns to listen carefully for points of agreement and cooperation, rather than coercion. Careful attention  and sensitivity is necessary to reduce overreaction, misunderstandings. The skills of diplomacy are rare. Mutual trust and respect follow.

                                    "Speak from the heart to pursue your desires."

                    In Michigan, this species is of special concern to avoid endangerment.

Native Americans considered the flowers in this blend to be protective. They were drunk to purify the blood and promote elimination. Spasms and intestinal disorders were helped by these flowers. Diabetes became a real problem with Native Americans after they were relocated from their native lands. They used these flowers to help protect the heart. 

Massage 2 drops 3 x daily on clean unbroken skin.

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