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Parasite Blend (Lemongrass scent)


Parasite is used by those reducing common parasitic and candida imbalance, turning metabolic waste into energy. It is also useful to spray on pets and areas affected by fleas. Parasite has a blend of citrus Petite Fleur essences to assist in purifying the system. This blend is nontoxic and does not overload the body with more toxins than it can handle.

Massage 2 drops onto wrist daily or spray on front of neck 3 x daily. Subtle body cleansing should continue daily for 3 months for best results.

Testimonial:" I put a few drops on my toothbrush to reduce mouth sores. Works great," Linda

"For a number of months, I've been dealing with a parasite eruption on my right ankle. I tried GSE on it and that seemed to help a little. Then , I started using the parasite blend once or twice a day on the neck and throat( and directly on the affected area after checking with Judy Griffin. I waited to report until I was sure about it. Now I'm sure, it works!" Judy

"No side effects, feel much better," Nisha.

"I spray Parasite on my kittens and cats after outings and No fleas!" Susan