Jasmine Absolute(Grandiflora)

1 dram (1/6 oz.)
1/12 oz.

Jasmine, Queen of the night, is a euphoric , uplifting aroma made from Jasmine Grandiflora absolute. Jasmine is one of the best flowers for anxious or sad thoughts, restlessness or feeling inadequate It is especially helps those who feel vulnerable. An absolute is a solid material , extracted from the most fragrant, delicate flowers that do not impart their aroma during steam distillation. The scent is exquisite,better than any Jasmine you have ever enjoyed. Jasmine absolute opens the heart  to accept love and trust, removing unresolved psychological symptoms and blocks without hesitation. It is a natural aphrodisiac, dissolving low self esteem and frigidity in a short time. Jasmine absolute excels as a uterine tonic, aiding milk production and easing childbirth. It is sure to lighten your mood during everyday stress and challenges. Absolutes are subtle yet profound as they harmonize with your body.