Hyssop, Hysopus officinalis Essential Oil

1 dram !/6 oz.)

Hyssop, (Hysopus officinalis) has antiseptic and antiviral qualities praised in the Bible and ancient texts. It is used for whooping cough, flu, tonsillitis, strep throat, asthma, shortness of breath, skin problems and bronchitis. During winter months, Hyssop  reduces rheumatic pain and cramping associated with coldness. It is one of the strongest antivirals used for herpes and fever blisters, poor resistance and autoimmune problems. Hyssop balances low or high blood pressure, reducing stress related nervous conditions. It is not used during pregnancy or by epileptics. Historically hyssop is used to purify and cleanse an environment or room. Dilute 3 drops in 1 cup of water or 1 tablespoon of carrier oil. It may then be applied to wounds and bruises. Combine Hyssop with lavender, sage, and clary sage. A drop of Lemongrass will enhance the properties of the blend.

Hyssop is a beautiful plant with dark blue and violet blooms that attract butterflies and bees, an environmental bonus!.


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