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Free the Spirit (Blue Chamomile)


Freeing the Spirit is like opening a flower, releasing attitudes and beliefs that lead to defeat. It is gradual, but every gentle moment is an awakening. As we shed old patterns, new experiences and adventures open the Heart and Mind to the wonders and beauty of life and love. The essence of  Blue Chamomile has energy that is very protective and uplifting for the deepest organs and their compatibility.

When the Heart is encased in old patterns of past hurts, the energy in the body stagnates and functions slow to a crawl. Symptoms of stasis include lymphatic congestion, poor circulation, swelling and edema ,slow digestion, disturbed sleep and excess dreaming, dry throat, shoulder pain, especially the left shoulder, random itchiness and dry skin patches.

Use drops or spray 3 x daily as needed to keep the flow going.

Testimonial: I'm enjoying life and new ideas. I'm actually dropping a few pounds without any effort, probably extra fluids. Looking forward to more good changes and I'm over 50! Donna.