AromaHealth Essences for chronic pain emotional support


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Aroma Health Texas essences work with the limbic system of the brain to enhance emotional stability, self health care, resilience and quality of life. Our essences are organically grown and produced without chemicals.

For chronic pain management the essences have been used in hospitals for over 20 years to replace fears and emotional triggers with active engagement of personal care. As the body harmonizes, clarity, focus and inner peace promote recovery.

Aroma Health essences are applied topically to the wrists or sides of the neck. They are available in sprays to mist the neck, pillowcase and room.

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Harmony blend is used in hospitals for every condition, especially cancers, cardiovascular, pulmonary, pre and post surgical recovery. The aromatic melody reinforces immune competence by reinforcing positive potentials, visualizations and a calm mind.


Inner Strength enhances self assurance, determination to overcome obstacles and remain focused on goals. It is especially helpful for osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, low back and joint pain. No more pain lotion may also be applied on or near the area as directed by the health care specialist .


Reduce Stress quiets the mind, reducing reactivity to emotional triggers, anticipation, feeling overwhelmed having difficulty resting, concerns about normal blood pressure and headaches.

Relaxation is used to help reduce anxiety, anticipation, worry and pent-up tension.


Deep Sleep supports refreshing sleep and may be applied as often as needed.

Stop hurting addresses emotional pain and baggage from frustration, guilt, shame, disappointment, anger and feeling helpless.

 Self-image helps those who suffer from an altered body perception. Self-image supports positive personal feelings, overcoming shame and unhappiness about how you look.

Lymph flow lotion may be applied to edemas, swelling and enhances energy flow.


Grief helps transition from sensory loss, change or loss of body parts, or a loved one.


Forgiveness blend aids in letting go of hurts about others or yourself, releasing psychological distress involved in chronic pain syndromes.


Gratitude blend supports everyday practice of focusing on what is beautiful and positive in your life to enjoy inner peace, overall well-being and freedom from chronic pain.

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