Courage (Black Spruce)


Courage builds strengths where there was weakness; cultivates a sense of freedom; promotes spontaneity and commitment to a chosen path. Common complaints as courage builds may include occasional difficulty swallowing, reflux, dry mouth, muscle weakness, spontaneous recovery from injury and feeling exposed may be helped by the subtle energy of this blend. People feel stronger, yet relaxed and generally happier. Aromas include Litsea, May flower, bay leaf, spruce, rosemary and  aromas that arouse  the spirit and enhances creative assertiveness. .

Apply by drops or spray , 3 x daily or as needed to assure a feeling of strength and direction.

Testimonial: I definitely feel stronger and more self confident using Courage spray. The aroma is subtle yet encouraging to be everything I can be, Marlin.  

My daughter takes her medicine without complaint after a dose of Courage, Mary.