Cosmos caudatus

1 dram (1/6oz) concentrate
1/2oz or 15ml concentrate

Cosmos essence brings order and harmony to everyday affairs. As the mind becomes in tune to perfect order, the body functions harmonize.  The bones are protected, the skin becomes smooth, the muscles move freely, synchronizing to the harmony and spontaneous joy of nature.

The personality becomes cheerful, curious and difficult to offend. There is humility in a pure heart.

Historically, Native Americans used cosmos tea to promote correct bone formation in infants. The delicate nectar flavor added to foods helped remove toxins, reducing aching, sore muscles, hunger, headaches and skin disorders, including the scalp. They believed, as cosmos purified the system, the individual would become one with the universe and as powerful as the sun.

                                " I find my balance in the perfect order of the universe."

Massage 2 drops on unopened skin, 3 x daily.

Testimonial: "Smells good. Works great. Highly recommended. I gifted some to my daughter", Ercell R.