Chamomile ( Anthemis nobilis) Flower Essence


The Chamomile personality suppresses feelings and swallows hurt in social and family situations. The personality believes no one cares and feels misunderstood. Apathy leads to more disappointment. Deep disappointment is a source of future anger, unforgiveness and grief.

Chamomile Essence helps the personality become more confident in relationships and able to be more assertive. And others start listening. Each time changes feelings of apathy to encouragement.

The Chamomile personality can now use this ability to help others as natural mediator seeking justice in relationships.

                                                "I am the Blossom of Faith."

Study: "Evaluation of antitumor and hepatoprotective effect of Mitomycin C solubilized in Chamomile oil nano emulsion," Al- Otaibi WA, et al. Anticancer Agents in Med. Chem., 2019 PMID: 30961514.

Mildly fragrant.

Massage 2-3 drops of Chamomile on clean wrists or unbroken skin 2-3 x daily or as needed. Avoid the eyes.

Testimonial: " Chamomile essence is calming. I use it daily to help me be assertive. I no longer feel misunderstood, "Carie.

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