Attraction Feng Shui Room Spray


Attraction room spray enhances healthy relationships, helpful people and mentors for personal and professional goals. It also helps attract opportunities to meet a significant other. Spray yourself and room to encourage supportive family recognition, career achievements and promotion. Attract unexpected opportunities and good fortune every day. Spray the inside of a home and around the front door to increase sale of a home or business. I also spray myself and walk around a room or throughout my home and office to attract opportunities and beneficial help. The scent is delightful! The aromas help reduce stale air, indoor pollutants and fatigue. I also use it as a room spray to lift the spirits of those suffering from sadness and nervousness.

4 oz. Room and personal spray

Testimonial:" Using attraction has enhanced my social life and career opportunities. I am meeting people who are kindred spirits or benefit me in some way. I also feel like I am making a difference in their lives as I bring happiness to them," Misty.