American Lady (Vanessa Cardui)

1 dram or 3.7ml
1/2oz or 15ml
2oz Spray

This essence helps to manage unusual or unexpected problems when feeling unable to control or manage the situation. The calming nature of the essence helps accept the situation and adapt to the new circumstances with confidence, compassion and courage. This blend also supports relaxation techniques and practices.

Historically, the flowers in this essence have been used topically to relieve and enhance breathing, soothe and repair cracked, irritated and thin skin. As a calming relaxant, it is beneficial for fears, frustration and distractions.

                                       "I easily blend into any environment."

The American Lady flies 30 miles an hour for a distance of 100 miles a day. she prepares for her eggs to transform in a cocoon of silk. 

Her message is, "What you think is the end is the blessing of a new beginning."

Massage 2 drops 3 x daily on clean unbroken skin.


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