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Abate Anger Therapeutic Essence Blend

Abate Anger Therapeutic Essence Blend


Abate anger Therapeutic Essence blend is calming,reducing pent up stress  anger, road rage, disappointment, outbursts, and tantrums. The blend relieves the disappointment and emotional suppression causing pent up anger. It is very calming and works quickly to enhance peace of mind allowing the individual to experience life from a better perspective. The  Petite Fleur Essences include light scents of Spike and Provence lavender, German Chamomile, Clary sage and Rose from Centifolia roses.

Testimonial: My life has changed for the best since wearing Abate Anger. I also love the aroma and wear it daily.

Beneficial for stress induced  headaches, reflux, and tense shoulders. Abate Anger also helps those who have high stress careers and/or tend to be very competitive.