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Forgiveness Therapeutic Blend

Forgiveness Therapeutic Essence Blend


Forgiveness therapeutic essence blend  is calming and anti anxiety;releasing creativity and individuality as the we let go of unresolved emotional conflict and trauma; family of origin roles, the need to forgive oneself or others. Forgiveness helps relieve survivor guilt. Rub 2 drops on each earlobe or spray the throat, neck or chest. Repeat 3 x daily ,or as needed.

Forgiveness has an array of natural aromas, including, cocoa, tonka bean,bergamot, ylang ylang, vanilla absolute ,rose geranium ,sweet orange, lavender and violets blended into a fragrance that leaves your troubles behind you. They will never have the same hold on you again. Forgiveness essence blend previews a heavenly scent.

Testimonial: The aroma of this blend keeps me in a gracious mood all day. I feel compassionate toward everyone and appreciate my talents and achievements. Sylvie