Yarrow, Essential Oil Healing Water

2 oz
8 oz

Yarrow water has been used by every major culture topically to help reduce bruising and bleeding; promotes tissue repair used as a compress. Apply a damp cloth over the affected area.  It can also help leg cramp discomfort. Topical use only!

The aroma is medicinal and can be sprayed topically to soothe deep emotional wounds associated with vulnerability. It helps the personality realize compassion and understanding as the anger and hurt lifts and clears. Yarrow is known to illuminate benevolence and understanding of others' weaknesses.

We organically grow and distill our flower waters in glass over low heat. No chemicals or preservatives are used or added.

Good Manufacturing Practices.

Avoid during pregnancy and nursing.

Testimonial: "This ancient plant helps me in many ways topically. I like the medicinal aroma of the water. I spray my face and any bruised or minor injured areas on my arms and legs. It is light and refreshing, " Cyndi.

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