Wild Petunia, Ruellia species


Wild Petunia essence helps those who experience dishonesty and deception in relationships of every type. They may be manipulated or controlled, especially when vulnerable or over powered. They may feel shame, foolish or used by others.

Wild Petunia helps let go of negative experiences and people, without resentment or sadness. Their self esteem deepens and broadens, attracting new associates, friends and better opportunities. We can learn from difficult experiences and express more of the true self with elegance and grace. Success is in the rebound, even when" the rug is pulled out from beneath you".

This essence also helps those who want to better math skills,  grasp and retain facts and balance wisdom with hands on skills.

The variety grown in Texas has historically been used for uterine inflammation, colic,, antispasmodic, gastro protective, reducing acne, diuretic and topical eczema and purulent skin issues.