White Butterfly Ginger Natural Perfume

1 dram

White Ginger releases a fragrant aroma reminiscent of honeysuckle. The scent increases intuition, promoting fulfillment as tension and feelings dissipate. The scent is also suitable for evening wear, accenting natural beauty and gracefulness. 

Heat from the body releases the subtle fragrance and opens the highest creative centers to experience balancing the mind and the heart. The aroma attracts friends and lovers like music to a song. "Mariposa Blanca" is the national flower of Cuba, naturalized from the tropics.

Enjoy White Butterfly ginger day or night topically on each side of the neck, throat or wrists for experiences you will always remember.

Good Manufacturing Practices

Testimonial: "I had no idea what a pure, lovely aroma white ginger has! I felt my higher creative centers of my brain open and fold around me with a scent much better than any perfume I have experienced. It keeps me calm and joyful within," Charlotte.

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