Vitex, Agnus castus, Herbal Longevety Tonic

1 oz.
4 oz.

Vitex herbal is a berry extract that acts as a mood regulator, reducing swelling and breast pain, Parkinson's symptoms and progesterone deficiency. It is calming and relaxes tight muscles. It also helps prevent heavy menses and clotting. Vitex is helpful for women with too much estrogen or who cannot take estrogen. It reduces symptoms of PMS and mood swings as it regulates the endocrine system. Vitex is used medically to prevent metastasis of breast cancer. It is not recommended during pregnancy. Both men and women can benefit from the calming effect of Vitex berries.

Herbal tonics are highly concentrated medicinal herbs cooked and extracted to provide the highest potency for optimal health. These tonics are special brews that are used over long periods of time to promote radiant health. Not used for acute conditions. Tonics provide nutrients that enhance the natural process of organic function. 

The tonics may be diluted in hot water: fifteen drops of tonic in four ounces of hot water and sip daily.