Trust (Orange blossom scent)


Trust supports a secure inner environment, enabling us to accept opportunities and make brilliant decisions, despite past mistakes. Throughout childhood and ongoing life experiences, trust must be renewed ongoing to overcome dysfunctional fears, inhibitions, abandonment, rejection, shame and betrayal.

Symptoms trust may help include escape from responsibility, seeking approval of others and addictive or enabling behavior. Other symptoms include intestinal stress, weight gain or loss, eating disorders, reduced immunity, occurrence of viruses( Shingles), anxious thoughts, acting out past trauma, post traumatic stress, sleep deprivation, and fatigue.

Apply 2 drops to clean unbroken skin 3 x daily or spray the throat. The blend has a light orange blossom aroma from our native Texas tree in a base of Petite Fleur Essences to help alleviate symptoms and experience fulfillment.