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Communicate (Marigold Mint) formerly Toxic Thyroid


Communicate enhances self communication and expressing thoughts and feelings effectively to others. This blend also encourages speaking up for oneself and others, even in difficult environments. Releasing pent up emotions allows new ideas and clear thinking to arise. Feeling shy, resisting change, rejection, stubbornness, jealously, and bitterness are replaced by experiencing new ways to manifest desires and feelings.  People who think before speaking recklessly become effective communicators.

Communicate relates to the level of awareness affecting the neck, shoulders and throat functions, hair growth, and radiant skin. Cervical nerves ,in the neck, express through every organ function. It also helps relieve tension causing tight and painful jaws, usually from clenching.( Massage 2-3 drops on jaw. Follow with a warm towel if desired. )Energy and  creativity increases, as repressed emotions are expressed in positive exchanges. Stress eaters may benefit from this blend, as they learn to speak instead of eat!

The aromatic essences include bergamot marigold mint ,and Antique roses and Petite Fleur Essences.

Jana's Testimonial: I always feel more energetic when I wear Communicate. It smells wonderful. My hair and skin look better, less dry and dull, and I have a good attitude again.

 Clara: I've lost weight using this blend because I don't need to eat or binge for self gratification.