Tiger Swallowtail ( Papilio glaucus)

1 dram or 3.7ml
1/2oz or 15ml
2oz Spray

restful sleepThis essence helps the personality to learn to identify emotions as they occur and contemplates what catalyzes these feelings. It helps an individual create a safe place to examine good and not so good feelings, creating more self- confidence and control about how to manage them. There is no concern about what one cannot control.  Seeking approval of others is no longer an option, but asking for help from a reliable source is acceptable.

The personality naturally becomes more assertive and decisive. Social confidence increases in acceptable dress, conversing with others, exchanging apologies to positive explanations about actions and decisions and self -encouragement to try new things and learn new skills. The individual enjoys curiosity and making better decisions without fear of making mistakes. 

                                           " I fly above the crowd."

Historically, the flowers in this blend were used for coping with unexpected stress and enhancing quick response time. It was often a matter of survival. It was believed to delay age related decline, especially memory loss, nerve regeneration, muscular strength and skills, blood illnesses and loss of hair and teeth. Ancient cultures believed digestion was responsible for these traits. The teas and compresses were used for indigestion, hyperacidity, better circulation, insomnia and panic. Oral sores and growths were related to hyperacidity of the stomach and overall body. A very strong flower tea was gargled and swallowed. The hands and feet were often bathed in these floral waters, which were objects of beauty.

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