Texas Star Hibiscus, Hibiscus cocineus Wildflower

1/6 ounce/ 1 dram
1/2 ounce

Texas Star Hibiscus helps the personality stay fully engaged in daily life, focusing on what is right and most important with an open heart. Emotions and fears are not labeled good or bad. The personality observes but does not judge or over react to circumstances. Empowerment is spontaneous without prompting. During quiet time, reflection and reconsideration fine tunes the personality, making a difference in the most positive ways.

Historically, Texas Star has been used to support normal fat distribution and muscle tone . Analgesic properties relax tight bladder and uterus muscles, increasing blood flow to the kidney.

The antioxidant, properties of Myricetin, reduces elastin and collagen breakdown, used for hydrating skin by settlers exposed to many hours of Texas sunshine and heat.

Texas Star grows 8-10 feet yearly, a perennial to returns each spring. It attracts ruby-throated hummingbirds, butterflies ,rose mallow bees and honey bees.

Massage 2 drops on clean, unbroken skin 3 x daily. Avoid eyes and delicate skin.

                                                 "When you succeed, I succeed."

Testimonial: "Taking this essence helped me to help others instead of only myself. And, knowing that when I succeed, it helps others succeed also, Josh."

" Dealing with drama. Works really good, smells wonderful, Ercell"