Texas Phlox Wildflower, Phlox drummondii

`1 dram
1/2 oz

The essence of Texas Phlox increases compatibility and agreement, especially for those with opposing beliefs and mindsets. It's a great essence to promote compatibility with partnerships. Wearing this essence also helps people  who feel uncomfortable in crowds and lack social skills. They experience communication and reading body language difficult and challenging. Texas Phlox enhances sociability and learning better ways to communicate. and learn from others.

Historically, Phlox was used as a blood purifier, helping those with boils, eczema as an antiseptic wash. It was safe to use with children. Blood purifiers help remove toxins in the circulatory system and skin , popular in the early 1800's.

                                                " I shine in social situations"

Massage 2 drops on clean, unbroken skin 3 x daily. avoid eyes and delicate skin.

Testimonial: "I am a high functioning autistic with difficulty in social skills. Texas Phlox is helping me feel secure and sociability comes naturally. I smile and people respond often by starting a conversation with me, "Austin.