Sweet Annie Under Eye Cream


 Sweet Annie Under eye cream replenishes moisture and decreases wrinkles and under eye bags.  Artemisinin extract is presently used to protect against covid 19, malaria and as an anti fungal. Since your skin is the largest immune organ, topical use is safe and constant. A blend of pure,natural essence of ylang ylang extra with a rare sweet Annie essence heightens the regeneration of the sensitive skin under the eye and decreases the appearance of wrinkles and lines. Apply a light coat under the eyes in the morning and at night. Makeup may be applied afterwards. In addition , Petite Fleur Essence Sweet Annie aids in aging gracefully. 2 ounce jar.  Organically grown and distilled onsite with Good Manufacturing Practices.

Testimonial: Works for me and the jar lasts for months, Terry.

Great products, I love them, Xu W.

Five star!, William W.