Sweet Annie Floral Water

2 oz Spray
8 oz Spray

Sweet Annie is an immune stimulant, currently researched to protect against covid 19. It  is a natural anti fungal and antimalarial also used in past cultures for tuberculosis and malaria. As a skincare product, mist face, hands and neck to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin is your largest immune organ. The essential oil is rare.

Steam distilled from organically grown blooms in our gardens. Spray on face, hair and skin. Good Manufacturing Practices.

Avoid eye contact

Testimonial: Sweet Annie is my favorite floral water. I enjoy it daily, Susan.

Lovely Protection Love this stuff!!! Take it everywhere!" Patrick A.

"I'm very happy with my purchase. Sweeet Annie Floral Water captures the Sweet Annie Spirit. The fragrance has an uplifting, bright, yet calming energy and I especially love to use it as a skincare mist," Beth S.