Stored Trauma (Peach scent)


Trauma is stored as a fight or flight response. The body is tense, hypervigilant, the mind is detached, impeding self awareness and self worth. 35% of chronic pain, fibromyalgia are related to store trauma. PTSD is a major stored trauma.

My uncle, James Michel's, guarded the first flag raisers at Iwo Jima during WWII. He suffered from PTSD and stored trauma through out his life and passed and passed from a heart attack. Violence, wars, rape, abuse, loss and near death experiences are examples of major traumas.

Micro traumas can build over time. Each repeated experience becomes stored trauma. Triggers of all trauma is stored in the nervous system, affecting major organ function and psyche. Many have no memory of incidences. These can impede natural recovery and life span. Release can promote spontaneous remission of an illness or imbalance. The right brain activates a deeper connection within to help those easily deceived by others, overcome boundaries we create, identify issues, inability to make good decisions, spatial dyslexia.