Spike Lavender,Lavendula latifolia Flower essence

1 dram (1/6 oz.)
1/2 oz.

Spike Lavender flower essence encourages cooperation. The essence especially aids children to enhance their social skills. Wear it to reduce office and family tension. Spike Lavender essence is helpful for those who feel they are excluded or separated from others socially. I have also used it to help people feel more socially acceptable.

 Historically, Spike lavender was used to reduce lung congestion and bronchial spasms when applied to the chest. It was also indicated for sighing or a feeling of heaviness in the chest. American colonists rubbed the leaves and flowers on the head and face to relieve headaches, congestion and earaches.


                       "Cooperation will attract the best for me."

Petite Fleur Essences are steam distilled and hand processed with purely organically grown flowers and herbs specially formulated to catalyze potentials and enrich the body, mind, and soul. Each is harvested, bottled and labeled by hand.

Apply two drops to the wrist or heart area daily or as often as every fifteen minutes.