Sore Muscles Lotion (Tangerine)


Sore Muscles helps relieve lactic acid and day after soreness, aches and heaviness . This softly aromatic, lotion also helps reduce travel fatigue, aching and spastic muscles and limbs, as well as effects of muscular-skeletal imbalance. I have used this blend in hospitals for elder care and various types of fatigue and fibromyalgia. Nutmeg also helps those with nerve pain. If symptoms last 7 days or more, seek medical attention.

Our nurturing organically grown essential oils and Petite Fleur flower essences are soothing and warming when applied to the area affected. It contains no menthol or highly sensitized oils and is very relaxing and soothing to the skin. Repeat 2- 3 x daily as needed. The energy released from Sore Muscles can also help circulation to the  lower back  and  limbs. 

Our products are organically grown and distilled onsite. Good manufacturing practices

Testimonial: I apply Sore Muscles before and after exercise with very effective results!, Teri. 

I love the smell of this product! It works great!, Jerry

Sore Muscles works great with daily application after mowing. Mobility was perfect- no aches or pains, Susan.