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Shedding Leave in Hair Treatment


A blend of pure aloe and our distilled organic blooms helps reduce shedding and premature hair and Covid related hair loss, causing weak, thinning, damaged hair. Forty percent suffering are women, who also suffer hair loss from hormonal  changes, chemical treatments, heat, genetics and nutritional needs. 

Shedding contains our extract of Saw Palmetto berries to reduce DHT, which promotes hair loss, and our follicle stimulating essential oils from our gardens.

Massage 2 teaspoons onto a dry scalp, day or night. Allow to absorb a few minutes before applying other hair products. Hair Growth may be applied onto scalp and thinning areas after Shedding for extra protection as a  growth booster.

For complete hair care, shampoo 2 x weekly with AromaHealth sulfate and paraben free shampoos. Condition with 1 or 2 teaspoons More Hair Conditioner.