Sage, Salvia officinalis, Floral Water

2 oz.
8 oz.

Sage healing water helps to strengthen, cleanse and balance the body. It is used in Native American ceremonies and the dried plant is used for smudging. The healing water can be sprayed in the air and substituted for burning ,smudging and cleansing The scent is fresh and spicy .We prefer Sage healing water for smudging without the smoke. Simply spray the rooms, areas and affected part of the body to clear and strengthen energy and room space. Sage is also a natural decongestant for sinuses and a muscle relaxer. Spray it on ulcers, wounds, gums,insect bites and infected skin. It is antiviral and antiseptic, especially with Staph and Strep.It can quickly remedy painful menses, dry vagina and menopausal symptoms. Midwives use it during difficult labor.

Sage will stop lactation if applied to the breasts.

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