Rose, Rosa damask, Floral Water

2 oz Spray
8 oz Spray

Rose water benefits for all skin types, especially dry or inflamed areas. It is also safe for children.  The aroma calms nerves and can stimulate sensuality. The alluring scent of rose is nurturing to the psyche. It is often used to help clear emotional wounds, sadness anxious thoughts and despair.

Physically, it helps to soothe rough skin and the appearance of wrinkles. The water is best worn as a natural scent or applied as a compress.
Steam distilled in glass from organically grown blooms. Spray on face, hair and skin.

"Therapeutic efficacy of rose oil: A comprehensive review of clinical evidence, S. Mohebitabar, M. Shirazi, S. Bioos, R. Rahimi, F Malekshahi, F. Nejatbakhsh :Avicenna Journal of Phtomedicine, May-June 2017.

PMID: 28748167.
Avoid eye contact.

Good Manufacturing Practices.

Testimonial:" I have never smelled a better rose water than this one! I enjoy using it daily", Anne.

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