Rose Damask, Rosa damascena, Absolute


Rose Damask Absolute is a natural mood balancer that refreshes the personality and revitalizes the spirit.

Damask roses are highly scented. The Damask rose was the first highly scented rose that produces rose oil. Damask parented the Bourbon and rose oil producing antique roses.

We gather the blooms of oil producing roses before our intense, sudden Texas storms and at sunrise to make the best oil. The yield is low. 

Rose is the ultimate heart or body note in a perfume. Historically, rose oil  was used to help reduce nervousness.  Emotionally, it was used to help reduce fear and soothes the psyche. 

For everything you want to know about roses and rose oil: Antique Rose Collection, by Judy Griffin and Jason Ermis, 2022.

Testimonial: Damask rose oil is so helpful. My cousin and I wore it neat during handling my mother's funeral arrangements. And my cousin applied a few drops to her wrist last night, and texted she had a peaceful night's sleep, Susan and Sherry.

"Just beautiful. I mix 1 drop of this precious oil with rose hip oil and wear before bed, on my face and décolletage for peace! Love it!" Carla S.

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