Pink Grapefruit, Citrus x paradisi, Essential Oil

1 dram(1/6 oz.)

Pink Grapefruit (Citrus X Paradisi), essential oil reduces cellulite, fluid retention and obesity tendencies. It is a great  energizer and beneficial for people who are unable to reach their expectations. Athletes use it to break down extra fats and maintain proper fluid balance. I use it in a Cellulite lotion. Powerful deep cleansing ability reduces congested, oily skin and acne. It increases general circulation and hair growth.The aroma produces a euphoric feeling which benefits those with self doubt . Dilute 2 drops in 1 cup of water or 1 tablespoon of carrier oil. Refrigerate after opening.

In natural perfumery, the scent of pink grapefruit is much preferred over just plain grapefruit. There is no comparison to the purity of aroma. Only use Pink grapefruit. The essential oil is cold pressed from fresh peels.