Pink Grapefruit, Citrus x paradisi, Essential Oil

1 dram(1/6 oz.)

Pink Grapefruit (Citrus X Paradisi), essential oil is beneficial for people who are unable to reach their expectations. Traditionally, it has been used to enhance dull skin and promote radiant skin on the face.

 The aroma produces an uplifting effect. Refrigerate after opening.

In natural perfumery, the scent of pink grapefruit is much preferred over plain grapefruit. There is no comparison to the purity of aroma. It blends well with citrus , geranium, Linden blossom, Palmarosa, Carrot seed, black pepper essential oils.

The essential oil is cold pressed from fresh peels can cause photosensitivity. Avoid direct sun when using it topically in a blend. Children under 10, pregnant and nursing mothers should avoid it or consult with their doctor before using. It is a top note in fragrant blends.

Do not use grapefruit with hypertension or high cholesterol medications.


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