Peppermint, Mentha peperita, Flower Essence

1 dram (1/6 oz.)
1 oz.

Peppermint flower essence changes the perception of loss about loved ones, money, fame and  beauty. The individual may have experienced an incomplete relationship with the mother and does not feel in  control of the environment. Lack can  lead to incomplete digestion of protein and lower thyroid function. The individual  also may become locked in a pattern of pain and frustration builds. Peppermint essence will help build a safe  future with fulfilled desires. As inner conflict is resolved, protein digestion improves and pain patterns clear. The energy of Peppermint flower essence increases circulation, stamina and energy to the muscles, ligaments and tendons. 

The feeling of loss can only lock us into the past. Peppermint essence leads us into a safe and optimistic future ,where we remain unchanged by circumstances and challenges become the spice of life.

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