Pennyroyal, Mentha pulegium, Healing Floral Water

2 oz Spray
8 oz Spray

Pennyroyal healing water is reduces gout pain and is an excellent insect repellent for people and pets. The healing water is nontoxic as an inhalent and a mist on the body. Do not ingest pennyroyal . Do not use when pregnant, nursing, or with children. Stop Insects is available as a multi- purpose insect repellent. 

Pennyroyal is also beneficial for bronchial coughs and infection.It can reduce colic, gout pain and travel nausea as an inhalent. Pennyroayal can normalize painful and delayed menses.
Steam distilled from organically grown blooms. Spray on face, hair and skin, or use as an inhalent.
Avoid eye contact.

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