Paeonia alba herbal longevity tonic

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4 oz Paeonia Herbal
1 oz Paeonia Herbal tonic

Paeonia reduces autoimmune reactions and inflammation. It is also analgesic,antispasmodic, and sedative. Paeonia has been used historically to reduce PMS, dysmenorrhea,excess bleeding, ovarian cyst syndrome and chronic fatigue syndrome. The proanthocyanidins have antiviral effects especially for hepatits and subsequent cirrhosis of the liver. Paeonia reduces gout symptoms, migraine, epilepsy and tinniits when taken daily. Overall, paeonia has been used to reduce hypertension, clotting, cramping and coughs. An herbal tincture has been used for whooping cough, neuropathy atherosclerosis and osteoarthritis and dizziness. It is not recommended during pregnancy.

Source: Mother Nature's Herbal, Judy Griffin