Orange flower Absolute(Citrus bigaradia)

1 dram (1/6 oz.)
1/12 oz.

Orange Flower Absolute, an exquisite natural aroma, is made from the flowers of the orange tree .The flowers are dissolved in natural perfume  to release its alluring odor. The scent has a natural  calming affect that subdues fears,stress and shock. I have successfully used this aroma in blends for post traumatic stress symptoms.  The effects also reduce headaches and tachycardia, especially from stress. Both calming and strengthening, Orange flower  will release your spirit to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings and experience life in a beautiful way. Orange flower is one of the most preferred aromas by men and women. You won't be disappointed ! Wear it neat (undiluted), add it to a fragrant blend or dilute it in marula carrier oil.