Nutmeg,Myristica fragrans,Essential Oil

1 dram(1/6 oz.)

Nutmeg, (Myristica fragrans)  has a spicy aroma with uplifting qualities. In an aroma blend, it is used as a top note, with very warm and woody dry-down scent. In aromatherapy, it has a calming effect.

Children and pregnant or nursing mothers should not use nutmeg essential oil. Internally, this essential oil is toxic. Nutmeg should not be diffused around cats and dogs. Nutmeg contains myristicin which can cause delirium.

Nutmeg yields its essential oil from steam distilled dried seeds. The dried husk, or shell, produces mace. Nutmeg blends well with other spices, such as ginger and  essential oils that enhance circulation, such as Lemongrass.


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