Star Gazer (Rose, Honeysuckle scent)


Star Gazer enhances prosperity and  the feeling of security, while protecting the heart from attachment to suffering always looking to the bright side of life. Boredom and feelings of failure are replaced with creativity and opportunity. Star gazers look to the future and ways to make society a better place, which also attracts wealth and prosperity.

Increased circulation promotes better breathing and brain power. As the heart beat strengthens, arterial dilation enhances blood pressure, energy and determination to empower new plans and dreams. Inflammation affecting major organs may decrease. Topically, Star Gazer helps release nerve pain, especially in the neck and spine. Candida itching may be relieved by topical application also.

 Applied topically, the blend helps resolve breakouts and soften hard bumps and growths. It especially hydrates the skin, reducing inflammation and rash. Wounds heal more quickly. Wear it neat to help regenerate skin affected by  acne and  scarring or stretch marks. Apply 2 drops 3 x daily.

Aromas include  our Antique rose essences and oil, Helichrysum Neroli and Labdanum to empower the conscious/unconscious mind.

Wow! I love the aroma and the results. Feeling centered and secure, Barb.