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Marigold Mint, Tagetes lucida, Essential Oil

Marigold Mint, Tagetes lucida, Essential Oil


 Marigold Mint essential oil has a fennel aroma and reduces bloating, large pores, skin growths, cellulite. I use it to remove moles and warts in a dilution with a carrier oil, such as marula. I am the only distiller of Marigold Mint and the sources of its benefits to date. It has wonderful effects on oily, acne  and troubled skin. The fennel aroma helps appetite, digestion,menses regulation, hiccups, nervousness, hoarse coughs and cellulite. The properties are beneficial for the liver and gallbladder, and toxicity from alcohol and nicotine. Marigold mint blends well with lemony and citrus oils, which helps energize the blend.

Dilute five drops in one cup of water., or 2 drops in a tablespoon of carrier oil . It is exclusive to Aroma Health products. For External Use Only.