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Marie Pavie Antique Rose Essence, Rosa polyantha, 1888


Marie Pavie flower essence helps the individual follow the heart's yearning. This essence aids in recovery of deep disappointment, especially in family relationships. Marie Pavie can also help to ignite a flame in a burned out relationship. In the body, it aids the recovery of post viral syndromes, aching and malaise.

Marie is a favorite compact shrub, 3-4 feet in height, with dainty pale, double petal, pink flowers in clusters of 8-12 blooms She is a popular border, patio or hedge rose, tolerating some shade, as she constantly blooms throughout the spring-fall. The blooms are lightly fragrant, rising in the air as you walk by. The bush has few thorns and dark green foliage, a very disease resistant rose. Her origins are unknown but the bees find this plant as soon as it begins to bloom.

"I follow my heart".

Testimonial: I love the aroma and gentle way Marie Pavie taught me to follow my heart, Mona.