Madame Louis Levique Antique Rose Essence, Rosa centifolia mucosa

1 dram(1/6 oz.)
1/2 oz.
2 oz Spray

Madame Louis Levique allows us to let go and relax, having no need to be in control. Insecurities and needs are left behind, surrendering to the Present Moment of Grace. The increasing desire for service to others happens as the personality takes its place in humanity and Nature.

Madame Louis Levique is a unique Centifolia rose, in the sub class called Moss, a perfectly formed cabbage rose. With Autumn Damask parentage infused, it is a rebloomer throughout the spring and early summer. Moss roses have resin- bearing sticky hairs, especially on the sepals that emit a pleasant balsam scent when rubbed. This is not easy to do in my experience without a good pair of gloves. She has the 100 petals of a centifolia rose with silky ,warm pink, fragrant, cabbage flowers that remain cupped until fully open. The large green leaves turn orange then yellow in the autumn, when winter is near.

                                            "I am the rose of devotion."

Testimonial: " I experience a calmness through any storm wearing this beautiful aromatic rose essence. It's become a friend in times of trouble," Marco.

Good Manufacturing Practices.

Petite Fleur Essences are steam distilled and hand processed with purely organically grown flowers and herbs specially formulated to catalyze potentials and enrich the mind, body, and soul Each is harvested, bottled, and labeled by hand.

Apply two drops to the wrist or heart area daily or as often as every fifteen minutes.

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