Lymph Flow Massage & Body Lotion, Lemon Eucalyptus

8 oz bottle

 Lymph flow is a historically useful blend for lymphatic massage and to soothe lymphedema. In hospitals, I encouraged massage on arms, shoulders,  low back, and feet to increase lymphatic energy to cleanse toxins and increase circulation.  It also helps  soothe tightness in ligaments, tendons and joints and discomfort that moves throughout the body..
Lymph flow lotion is used successfully in hospitals and by individuals to help soothe lymphatic swelling from lymphedema . Toxins gather in lymphatic tissue because lymph tissue does not have circulation without massage, exercise or movement. The aromatic essences in Lymph flow increase movement to promote lymphatic drainage.

Good Manufacturing Practices

Testimonial from Linda ,I use Lymph flow to reduce lymphedema in my arm with great success.

"I think it really does help with the  lymph flow in my lower legs...there is less swelling." Judy S.

Kathleen: I have sinus trouble and occasional earaches. When I massage the glands in my neck and behind my ears with Lymph Flow, it always helps relieve the earaches.