Litsea Cubeba, May chang, Essential oil

1 dram(1/6 oz.)

Litsea Cubeba (May chang),  is used by aroma therapists to promote lactation, benefits the stomach and spleen, reduces gynecological  and musculo- skeletal pain. Ancient cultures used Litsea to treat cancerous tumors. Today, it is prized for its subtle lemon scent in natural perfumery. Litsea's hint of lemon is alluring, but not overwhelming in a perfume blend. It does not become rancid or stale in blends like citrus essential oils.  Add 2 drops in an aroma blend or dilute 5 drops in 1  cup of water or carrier oil.

Litsea is a good substitute for Lemon Verbena, which is usually adulterated and difficult to know the source. Lemon Verbena grows in the jungles of Costa Rica and areas that are impossible to harvest. The leaves produce very little essential oil. Use Litsea to be sure your blend is natural.


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