Linden Blossom, Tilia cordata, Absolute

1 dram 1/6 oz. concentrate
1/12 oz.

Linden blossom, Tilia cordata absolute is unique in its ability to help soften and dissolve hard deposits, and  plaque  clogged in  arteries. Linden reduces tinnitus, migraine, and tightness in the chest. The aroma is calming and reduces  hyperactivity, fever, flu and colds symptoms and relieves exhaustion. It is often used for insomnia and restless sleep patterns. The scent is both tart and sweet with a slightly pungent burst of aroma. The properties are best  for those who have a nervous, restless nature, or suffer from frequent infections, such as cystitis. The tartness is balancing for those who crave sweets. Ancient cultures have used Linden blossoms for those who seek inspiration from within.

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