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Lemongrass ,Cynbopogan citratis, Essential Oil

Lemongrass ,Cynbopogan citratis, Essential Oil


 Lemon grass essential oil enhances digestion,increases fat absorption, increases lymphatic drainage, memory, muscle tone and vascular flow to reduce varicose veins. Lemon grass helps add/adhd children and adults with concentration and relaxation. I use it to reduce sinus and bronchial congestion and infection. Lymph flow lotion uses Lemongrass to increase circulation and reduce lymphadema. Dilute in a carrier oil, such as Red Raspberry and apply topically. Use Lemongrass in blends as an insect repellent.  Lemongrass blends well with basil,geranium,juniper, eucalyptus, cardamom, nutmeg and chamomile. When combined with Nutmeg essential oil, Lemongrass helps to build blood volume and quality.

As a mosquito repellent dilute five drops in one cup of water and spray on unbroken skin.

For External Use Only.