Lavendar, Lavendula Spike, Essential Oil Floral Water

2 oz Spray
8 oz Spray

 Lavender healing floral water has a great wound healing affect for all skin types. Mist the face and body for a refreshing deodorant and fragrant stress reducer. It may also be used for coughs and asthma, wound repair, insect bites, itchy skin  and insomnia. Lavender healing water can help break obsessive thought patterns and feelings of overwhelming loss. It has been used since ancient times to reduce headaches and difficult labor.

One client uses lavender healing floral water to mist under the breasts and folds of her skin, where perspiration can irritate the skin and cause a rash. She mists 2 x daily, morning and night.

Steam distilled from organically grown blooms. Spray on face, hair and skin. Avoid eye contact.