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Lavendar, Lavendula spike, Essential Oil

Lavendar ,Lavendula spike, Essential Oil


Lavender essential oil reduces anxiety and insomnia, allergic reactions and tension. The therapeutic grade of lavender has been historically used to treat giardia infection. The calming properties of this essential oil reduces migraines and headaches, earaches and congestion in the sinuses and bronchial.Lavender is a great cleanser.I use it in face and body products, such as Lavender lotion,Lavender Healing water, Lavender Silk and Satin body wash,Rose Oil skin Therapy and Lavender bath oil. Use it neat, undiluted as a natural fragrance. Dilute 2-5 drops in a cup of water or 1 tablespoon of carrier oil,such as marula oil. Lavender is especially helpful for women  because it has estrogen properties. I do not recommend it on baby boys under 5 years old. I have several children's products that are safe for all ages which do not include lavender essential oil.Petite Fleur Essence French Lavender and Spike lavender are safe to use. The essences do not contain essential oil.

Use it undiluted on burns, warts, and to regenerate your skin.

For External Use Only.